Updated June 2017

Caravan Water Pumps

Quietening caravan water pumps is simple to do at no or trivial cost. This article from RV Books’ Collyn Rivers shows how.

Most caravans and motorhomes use 12 volt pumps that have a rotating cam. This cam drives a flexible diaphragm up and down, typically feeding three separate chambers. These chambers draw water as the diaphragm moves downward and close as it moves upward. This action forces water outwards through further valves. Each chamber operates at about 60 times a second. Noise is created by various parts of the action.

Quietening caravan water pumps – how and where to start

The first step in quietening caravan water pumps is to ensure the pump has a truly rigid mounting. Knock on the existing or proposed base. If it sounds like a drum it’s going to worsen pump noise. Ideally have a truly rigid base, but if not place a small piece of carpet between the pump and its base.

The pump is normally attached via screws and small rubber mountings. Use the thinnest possible hold-down bolts that will adequately hold the pump (Shurflo recommend high-tensile 2.0 mm bolts) and tighten only just sufficiently to marginally compress the rubber mountings. Do not overtighten.

Quietening caravan water pumps – flexible piping essential

Noise is also transmitted through the flexible hose connecting the pump to the various outlets. A surprisingly effective way of quietening caravan water pumps is to reduce this transmitted noise. This is readily done by having a full loop of truly flexible hose (never use rigid copper) between the pump outlet and the rest of the system. This loop should be allowed to hang as loosely as feasible – ideally in free space. Unless able to move freely a lot of noise will still be transmitted.

Avoid right angle elbow fittings.They cause turbulent water flow and back pressure. Both generate noise. Use smooth curves instead. Another cause of noise is vibration of the piping and any fitting where the hose passes through a wall. Use soft plastic foam as an insulator. Plumbing can also vibrate against walls and drawers etc

Once installed, bleed all air from the system as any trapped air causes hose to rattle.

Quietening caravan water pumps – start off with one already quiet

A good solution is to start with a pump that is already very quiet – such as the Shurflo WhisperKing shown below – mounted as described above.

ShurfloWhisperking pump good

The Shurflo WhisperKing works as described above, but is a lot quieter than most such pumps. Pic: Shurflo

Another approach is to use one of the quiet (post 2010) constant flow pumps. These circulate unused water around an internal loop in the pump body. They are much quieter but draw up to twice the current of previous models. This not a major problem in an RV, but can be in (for example) an irrigation system that supplies low pressure to drip feeds over for long periods of time. Another more recent innovation is the variable speed pump. This seems likely to become increasingly popular.

Quietening caravan water pumps – further information

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