Articles by Others – these articles are by major authorities in their field

by | Aug 15, 2014

Many outstanding articles and papers are not published: articles by others are from those with known expertise and credentials (not necessarily academic). The most recent provides a specific guide to the safe disposal of Napisan treated sewage in septic systems.

For a similar reason, this area will also have Links to articles believed to be of special interest but too long to reproduce.

Motorhome Information: The Basics

Peter Manins

RV Compliance (General) Here's how to know

Caravan Council of Australia

Caravan and Camper Trailer Auditing

Caravan Council of Australia

Napisan and 'look-alikes' - use in septic tanks

Ian Jenkins

(retired Professor of Chemistry and now Professor Emeritus at Griffith University)

Truck wind forces on caravans

Rob Caldwell

(MITE(Life), MAITPM) - Traffic Engineer.


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