The Caravan & Motorhome Book covers every conceivable aspect of campervan and motorhome choice and usage. It originated with the author's trans-Africa trip (including two Sahara crossings) plus twelve times across the centre of Australia from Broome to the east coast and back (24 trips - each of 7000 km plus). The Caravan & Motorhome Book is aided by the author being an ex motor industry research engineer, yet is written in everyday down-to-earth English.

Without doubt, this is the best book we have ever read . . . it will be treasured, and read on a regular basis.

The Wanderer (Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Ltd)


Collyn Rivers has put his encyclopaedic knowledge into print . . . there is virtually no issue he hasn't covered. Certainly his engineering background is a superb credential but best of all Collyn has done it all himself.

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The Caravan & Motorhome Book

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