RV Apps

Here is a listing of the top 10 Australian RV Apps ranked in subjective order of how likely they are to save a life. Click on an app image to go to the app’s download page.

Emergency + (Free)


This app enables you to call 000 in an emergency. It automatically sends GPS data to emergency services. It pinpoints your location. This app assists if you are while stressed after an accident. It is invaluable in unfamiliar locations. This app was developed by Australia’s emergency services.

Download it now onto all of your mobile devices.

St John Ambulance – one of the vital top 10 Australian RV apps.

Amongst the top 10 Australian RV Apps this app is another potential life-saver. It provides you with simple, clear instructions on what to do in medical emergencies. Every traveller with a mobile phone should have this app. Furthermore, consider your completing a first aid course.

Fires Near Me (Free)

This app was created by the NSW Rural Fire Service. Fires Near Me lists all active fires in NSW and the ACT. It shows you these on a map, plus fire type, size and status. ‘Status’ categories are: ‘Advice’, ‘Watch and Act’ and ‘Emergency Warning’.

VicEmergency –covers all emergencies in Victoria.

Some apps re-publish state and territory bushfire information across Australia, e.g. Fires Near Me Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology (free) another of the vital top 10 Australian RV apps.

This, another of the top 10 Australian RV Apps, reports weather conditions and rain across Australia. It provides you with detailed, precise and location-specific forecasts. These are both short and long term.

This app is virtually essential in the tropics. It reports cyclone conditions and warnings. You can use it also for checking ongoing weather.

Wikicamps Australia – yet another of the top 10 Australian RV apps.

Wikicamps Australia (in 2020) provides you with a wealth of information. It covers over 9000 campgrounds and 2500 caravan parks. Moreover, it includes public dump points and various points of interest. Furthermore, it includes extensive lists of features and prices.

This app’s strength is its community-driven database. It provides up-to-date user reviews and photos of most sites. One warning, however. Reviewers can be unforgiving and price-sensitive. Ensure you take this into account if using.

‘Lonely Planet Syndrome’ applies here. Anywhere mentioned (especially positively) is visited far more than anywhere not mentioned. Or mentioned negatively.

Camps Australia

This app has extensive caravan park and campsite information. It is produced by Camps Australia Wide’s publisher. It contains crowd-sourced reviews. The app also has extensive publisher-collected site information.

National Public Toilet Map (Free)

This free app shows you the location of more than 14,000 public toilets across Australia. Includes details of opening hours, accessibility and parking. (Take your own loo paper). It is truly one of the top 10 Australian RV Apps!

 Trip Adviser

Animal Identification Apps (Various)

It’s always satisfying to identify birds and animals. This is particularly so while camping or bush-walking. Australia’s state and territory museums have produced eight excellent fauna field guides. They are available separately.

These animal identification apps are complemented by national guides on birds, snakes, frogs and mammals. The app includes dangerous animals.

The Morcombe and Stewart Guide to Birds of Australia (iOS, A$29.99) is worth special mention. It has a comprehensive set of images and bird calls. Furthermore, it covers almost 800 birds.

Stargazing Apps (Various)

These apps that interpreting the sky at night. Stargazing is a great activity. It is best in remote areas. The further you are away from ambient light the better. An excellent area is north of Broome (WA).

Some of these apps use smart-phone augmented reality. They superimpose constellation names and information. Some need no Internet connection – they use smart-phone technology.