The Camper Trailer Book review – an independent view

by | May 14, 2014

This outstanding camper trailer book review is totally independent. 'Accuracy and attention to detail are outstanding' says the reviewer.

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Camper Trailer Book Review - by Jeff Johns (B.Tech.Electrical)

'I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to preview this excellent publication. I have no doubt that the book will soon be known as The Camper Trailer Builder & Owner’s Bible.

'The Camper Trailer Book is the fifth in the author’s series of publications covering topics which include campervan and motorhome design and use, and solar energy. Once again, Collyn displays that rare ability to explain very technical subjects in terms easily understood by non-technical people.

'The twenty-four chapters not only cover every possible aspect of building, owning and modifying the camper trailer. They include topics that cover preparing for a trip, whether long or short, and what to do when unintentionally encountering the less sociable inhabitants of Australia – such as snakes and crocodiles. The book is comprehensive and well laid out. Its accuracy and attention to detail are outstanding.'

Camper Trailer Book Review - further information

This book is now reviewed and updated between print runs - it is thus always up to date. A digital version is currently in progress.

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